October 12, 2012

I will soon have students. I take a breath as I reread that statement. I am a student myself and the idea of sharing my knowledge with others is daunting. More importantly, it’s a great responsibility. A responsibility because it’s not my intention to persuade my students to think like me, but to encourage them to think for themselves. My job is merely an introduction.

I will be teaching disciplines within the humanities, yet the humanities is such a broad term. When I refer to this blanket term my mind retrieves many images: art, music, literature, history, philosophy and religion. It is the study of the human condition; the achievements of our greatest gift, the mind. We have the ability to imagine and create, and when we produce something so profound and share it with the world, we leave a lasting impression with all who come in contact with it.

When I had the opportunity to view the Mona Lisa in Paris I felt that impact. I fought my way through the crowd of fellow tourists, hoping to catch a glimpse of this iconic image. Initially, many feel disappointment when they view her– “This is it? I fought through everyone to see this small, quarantined painting?” Look again. A glimpse of her smile is all that is needed to understand why she is so endearing. Her smile holds truth. I thought if I stared long enough she would give me an assuring wink, which revealed  subtle hints: don’t ever take anything too seriously; life is both beautiful and fleeting.

I come here to share my thoughts and ideas, hoping to gain a little insight in preparation for what lies ahead. I have a weakness for German theologians, philosophers and sacred texts of all religious traditions, although I may write on any topic. I have an unending curiosity, which will reveal itself. I look forward to writing my reveries. I look forward to interacting with others and following their reveries as well. Greetings to all.


2 Responses to “Greetings”

  1. Welcome!
    (When I was at the Louvre, the Mona Lisa was in Tokyo! But there were other revelations there…)

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